Razor Flush Edges

Why exceptionally flush? When the end of a lead or wire must be soldered it is often necessary to have it as flush as possible to ensure a highly reliable solder joint. If a wire is to be coated or if it needs to be threaded into some hole it may be necessary to have no burrs or “pinch” on the wire end. Delicate components are less likely to suffer shock when cut by an exceptionally flush cutter.

Tronex cutters that cut exceptionally flush have an edge finish called Razor Flush. Cutting edges of Razor Flush cutters are machine ground to make the edges razor sharp with perfect alignment. Wire or leads cut with Razor Flush cutters will be left with no raised surface or “pinch”. Also Razor Flush cutters minimize shock when cutting leads on components. All Tronex cutters with Razor Flush cutting edges have a fine set screw stop built into the handle or jaw of the cutter to prevent these exceptionally sharp edges from dulling themselves, even when an operator applies a strong cutting force.