Precision Cutters

To achieve superior levels of cutting performance, it takes years of dedication and hard work to the craft. At Tronex Tools, we have more than 20 years of experience within the field of designing and manufacturing hand tools and our in-house specialists work to ensure we meet the very peak in precision-engineered cutting performance with each solution we introduce to the marketplace. This level of dedication is evident with every product found in our catalogue.

For our customers who are searching for the industry’s best precision hand tools , Tronex has the perfect product to meet their exact needs.

Our company’s miniature oval cutter has been engineered for use in manufacturing work where fine precision cutting is required. These popular cutters are used for SMT production work as well as in applications where works require a steady-hand for cutting elements under a microscope. The Stand-off cutters allow precise cuts a pre-determined distance the board and can reduce shock to your electronic components, while the miniature angulated cutters are relieved for maximum accessibility to allow for exceptionally fine cutting in the smallest of spaces.

To ensure that customers have the best possible selection of products at their disposal, we offer this leading class cutter in flush, semi-flush and razor flush styles.

Specialty Cutters with Precision-Engineered for Unique Applications

In addition to our company’s extensive offering of fine hard wire cutters, standard cutters and angulated cutters, Tronex also offers an array of specialty cutters, such as our heavy-duty cutter which comes available in a flush finish and is constructed from durable carbon steel. This leading-class product exhibits strength within the head and joint areas, allowing it to cut right through wire and cable quickly and effectively. The manufacturing specialists at Tronex always produce their equipment with the operator’s time and comfort foremost in mind. It’s for that reason that their exceptional heavy-duty cutter comes replete with cushion grips for maximum operator comfort during tiring cutting operations.

The team at Tronex places a great emphasis on delivering highly professional customer service. If you have a question about any of the company’s current products, contact their in-house team directly to speak with one of their highly acclaimed product specialists.