Hard Wire Cutters

One of Tronex Tools’ most recent innovation is our company’s line of hard wire cutters, specially designed to cut the hard materials used in medical device manufacturing such as memory wire and Nitinol. We are proud to be the only organization within the entire industry that sells cutters like our Class W fine hard wire cutters and to be the leading seller of our Class T type of cutters. Being an innovator is one of the many reasons companies around the globe rely on Tronex as one of the industry’s leading specialists.

Tronex’s hard wire cutting tools truly help to extend cutting capacity beyond the reach of other market solutions. Because no other organization within the field offers our type of solution and quality, hard wire cutters have become one of Tronex Tools’ flagship products. With more than 25 years of industry experience, our specialists understand that durable construction is the foundation to a quality tool. This is why each of the tools within the company’s line of wire cutting products has been designed and manufactured to exceed industry expectations, providing precise cuts, for many thousands of cuts.

Tronex Hard Wire Cutting Tools – Precision and Power Combined

The material for the Tronex hard wire precision cutting tools is formed within the Tronex factory to meet high tolerance demands for sharp cutting edges and robust joint design. These leading industry wire cutting tools undergo a special furnace hardening process, which presents the Tronex solutions with a hardness level of 79-81HRC (Class T) or 66 to 68 HRC (Class W) on each of the cutting edges.

Tronex Class W fine hard wire cutters, are constructed from solid tungsten alloy steel for superior strength even when under constant pressure. The Class W line of the company’s hard wire cutter is designed to enable users to cut thin areas of wire with a full flush finish.

For those organizations whose in-house applications require the cutting of thicker hardwire, Tronex’s Class T cutters offer the requisite solution. These products have tougher, more rigid jaws than the Class W line and are therefore ideal for tackling those rigid wire cutting jobs that only the toughest tools can handle.