Exceptional Manufacturing

All Tronex cutting tools and pliers are manufactured in the USA. Almost all aspects of the manufacturing of a Tronex tool are performed at the Tronex factory. Tronex manufacturing is focused on precision hand tools; Tronex manufacturing only makes cutters and pliers.

Most manufacturing of Tronex cutters and pliers involves the use of special, proprietary processes and fixtures that have been developed by Tronex Technology, Inc. during the course of its 30 year history. Also the manufacturing process at Tronex is highly flexible, allowing production to be changed from one model to another in a very short time.

These very important characteristics of Tronex manufacturing have the following benefits to users of Tronex precision hand tools:

  • High-grade alloy steel, made in USA, insures structural integrity, top mechanical properties in tensile and yield strength, and hardenability.
  • Extremely close tolerances on mating parts are held thus insuring top cutter performance.
  • In-house induction hardening of the cutting edges insures uniformity, conformity, and achievement of 63-65 Rockwell C hardness.
  • Every cutter and plier is individually inspected and individually checked for proper performance.
  • When needed Tronex can make deliveries in a very short time because almost all of the manufacturing is under one roof.
  • Delivery lead-times, even for orders with many line items and orders for highly specialized tools, are very reliable.
  • Tronex is sometimes asked to develop a new tool to meet a special need for a good customer. The inherent flexibility of manufacturing in the Tronex factory greatly aids in the product development process.