Cutting Edge Technology

Tronex Tools is a company that places a strong emphasis on building solutions which support superior levels of cutting performance while providing customers with value and comfort. We call this combination of key qualities “Cutting Edge Technology” and it remains one of our business’s leading competitive advantages.

The success of Cutting Edge Technology is built on three core components: unique hand cutter joint design, razor flush edges and exceptional and proprietary manufacturing techniques.

The construction of the company’s cutter joint design goes well beyond the industry standard and includes components such as matched bearing rings which minimize metal to metal contact therefore presenting a more precise cutting finish. This metal-to-metal contact is further minimized through the use of a Delrin washer which acts as a barrier between the nut and bearing rings to significantly reduce friction which can be detrimental to the quality of the cut.

Cutting Edge Technology Hand Cutters by Tronex Tools

What is Razor Flush?

This is the name Tronex uses for the edge finish and anti-dulling protection on cutter models that cut exceptionally flush. The two cutting edges on Razor Flush cutters are finished with a delicate grinding operation to make them smooth, sharp, and in perfect alignment. The two edges come together much like two razor blades in opposition. This incredibly sharp cut is extremely important when preparing leads for soldering to ensure a highly reliable solder joint or if a wire is to be coated or needs to be threaded into a hole where it can be critical to have no burrs or “pinch” on the wire end. Delicate components are much less likely to suffer shock when cut by an exceptionally flush cutter.

The success of our technology must work well with the specialists who use it, and that’s why Tronex ensures that each hand cutter tool they build has been designed for the highest possible levels of comfort. Tronex’s hand cutters are fitted with cushioned grips for comfortable user control and we offer options of longer, ergonomic handle lengths or standard handle lengths for most of our tools to suit the individual comfort of our users.

Extraordinary Precision for Everyday Applications

Evidence of our company’s commitment to world class technology can be found through the review of our products’ range of capabilities. Tronex’s Cutting Edge Technology offers cutting performance that enables some of our tools to cut wires that are thinner in width than a human hair. In addition to this level of extraordinary precision, our company’s tools provide rigidity, strength and raw power through the ability to cut through wire made from tungsten or steel without so much as nicking the edges of the cutter.

To learn more about the company, contact our in-house specialists. Our team can answer any technical questions you may have concerning our innovative product line.