Tool Reconditioning and Repair

Tool Reconditioning and Repair Program

(All returns must include a Return Authorization from Desco Industries.)

  • Tools are inspected by the factory
    • Tools are shipped to the Tronex factory in Fairfield, CA by the customer
    • Cutters or pliers badly damaged and unable to be reconditioned or repaired will be scrapped or returned to the owner
    • Tools undergoing a reconditioning will be disassembled and cleaned by bead blasting
    • Tools will then have a rust inhibitor applied and are reassembled with a new specialty nut, fine-pitched screw and Delrin washer.
    • Cutting edges on the tool will be re-sharpened and marked with “R1” or “R2” and then new cutter grips and springs will be applied
    • Reconditioning is complete after each tool is individually inspected and tested

    Reconditioning and Repair Pricing:

    (The recondition and repair prices listed on this page are subjected to change and may change without notice)

    Product Type Edge Finish Recondition / Repair Cost Lead Time Return Location
    Cutter Semi-Flush $ 20.00 4-6 weeks CA6
    Cutter Flush $ 20.00 4-6 weeks CA6
    Cutter Razor Flush $ 27.00 4-6 weeks CA6
    Hard-Wire Cutter Flush $ 40.00 4-6 weeks CA6
    Pliers $ 20.00 4-6 weeks CA6

    Note: The following items cannot be reconditioned: 5030, 5032, 5033, 5611, 5612, 5613, 5811, 5812, 7011T, 7012T, 7030, 7032, 7033, 7811 and 7812.

    Return Location: CA6 (Fairfield, California)