Product Applications

Tronex Tools is one of the most prodigious designers and manufacturers of cutting hand tools today. Our company offers a wide variety of unique models of cutters and pliers to our customers for use in a broad array of industries both in the United States and around the globe.

Purpose-Built Electronic Assembly Tools for Consistent High Quality Production Standards

Within the electronics assembly field, Tronex Tools has become a consistent standout partner to some of the leading manufacturers. Because of the outstanding quality of the company’s cutting tools, customers can expect industry-leading levels of precision and accuracy in cutting materials such as copper wire. Using Tronex cutters for electronics ensures that electronics manufacturing technicians can complete their work in a high degree of safety, quality and that companies will experience a high level of productivity using our tools in their production plants.

Precision specialty Cutters for Medical Devices and Jewelry Manufacturing

In recent years Tronex has significantly expanded our expertise to service the growing demand for our products within the medical device and jewelry industries. These industry sectors have come to rely on our rapidly expanding product line which includes some of the foremost cutting solutions resulting in industry-leading precision for their businesses.

Medical Device Tools for True Tool Handling Precision

In medical device manufacturing, great importance is placed on ensuring that each medical device manufacturing tool utilized is built for optimal performance and safe user-handling. It’s for that reason that many organizations within the medical device and medical product manufacturing field are now turning to Tronex Tools to supply them with expertly-crafted products. These customers are finding that Tronex provides the highest production quality while also providing durability and consistency with each and every cut.

An example of our company’s outstanding line of products designed for use within the medical field is our selection of fine hard wire cutters. These cutters can be utilized for a multitude of purposes within the contemporary medical environment such as working on stents under a microscope, cutting guide wire and trimming tungsten probes within laboratories.

Elegant and Beautiful Handmade Jewelry – a Product of Tronex Precision Hand Tools

Enhancing beautiful design with Precise and Comfortable Jewelry-Making Tools Jewelry artists across the country now count on Tronex Tools to ensure that their beading, chain maille and wire projects are easier to make and look beautifully crafted once the final touches have been added. In fact, many artists within the jewelry field consider the company’s selection of razor flush taper relief cutters to be the best available on the marketplace in terms of both cutting quality and level of ergonomic user-comfort.

One of our most popular tools for jewelry customers includes Tronex’s Precision Taper Relief Head Cutter, which is designed to reach into difficult to access areas, such as those found between beads, and cut exceptionally fine soft wires measuring up to 1.0mm.

Tronex Tools takes their clients’ working requirements with the utmost consideration. If clients have any questions regarding the company’s broad array of products, or would like to learn more about Tronex creating a custom tool they are encouraged to contact the company’s expert in-house team today to speak with a recognized, experienced specialist.