How Tronex Defines Precision Cutting

Tronex creates precision hand tool solutions which offer the highest levels of cutting performance while providing customers with value and comfort

Tronex creates precision hand tool solutions which offer the highest levels of cutting performance while providing customers with value and comfort.

Cutting Edges

All Tronex precision hand cutters are carefully crafted to provide an edge finish to yield top cutting performance. As electronics components have gotten progressively smaller over time, precise cutting has become more crucial. Edge finishes are best examined by looking at the back or bottom side of a cutter. Tronex standard cutters are available in three different edge finishes to meet a variety of desired cutting results:


Semi-Flush cutting edges feature a small edge bevel on the cutter and are typically used in an industrial setting to cut thicker wire and leads. Semi-Flush edges will leave a “pinch” in the middle of the end of material being cut. These cutting edges will be the most durable, the most cost effective, and most resistant to dulling, extending the life of the tool.


Flush cutting edges feature a very thin edge bevel on the cutter that leaves only an exceptionally small “pinch” in the middle of the end of the material being cut. Flush edges are used in a wide range of electronics manufacturing applications where users are looking for a balance between longevity, precision, and cost. These Flush cutters are versatile, widely used, and a Tronex best seller.

Razor Flush®

Razor Flush® cutting edges feature no bevel on the cutters. This results in exceptionally sharp edges which produce cuts leaving virtually no raised surface or “pinch” on the end of the material being cut. The cutter actually operates like two razor blades coming together. Razor Flush® edge cutters are typically used when the highest level of precision is required working with small and/or very fine components. Although more frequent sharpening is required with Razor Flush® cutters, each cutter has a fine set screw stop built into the jaw of the cutter to protect the edges. The Razor Flush® edge finish on Tronex cutters is a proprietary process and the result is unmatched by any other precision cutting tool.

Head Shapes

Tronex offers a variety of cutter head shapes, sizes, and profiles. Generally, the more metal there is in the cutting head of a precision hand cutting tool the stronger and more versatile the cutter is. Tronex hand cutter types are categorized as standard and specialty – most applications are best met with standard Oval or Taper head cutter designs.

Oval Head
Taper Head

Oval head cutters are excellent general-purpose cutters. With the additional material in the head, Oval head cutters are strong and durable.They are the best option when restricted access is not an issue. They are offered in small, medium, large, and extra-large cutter head sizes.

To increase tool access to the work piece or circuit board, a Taper head cutter is a great option. They are offered in small, medium, and large cutter head sizes.

Most of Tronex Oval and Taper head cutters offer either a Relieved head or a Standard head. A relieved head is a cutter that has a low-profile allowing additional access into restricted areas.


Specialty cutters include Angulated, Tip, and Standoff cutters. These cutters are specifically designed to access very difficult to reach areas.

Ergonomic Handles

For most cutters and pliers, Tronex offers the option of shorter, standard handles or tools with longer, ergonomic handles.

A hand cutting tool is deemed ergonomic if it contributes to reducing the probability of cumulative trauma to the hand, finger, wrist, or arm. Tronex handles are designed to transfer force from the operator to the point of operation in an ergonomic manner. Selecting a Tronex tool with ergonomic handles could decrease the opportunity for operator discomfort and injury and increase operator safety.

Various Tronex Handle Lengths

The length of Tronex ergonomic handles from the joint to the end, is 4.8 inches. The longer handles allow the operator to better distribute cutting force across 4 fingers by using all fingers to operate the tool. The longer handle spreads the cutting load over the width of the palm in a bar of force. In contrast shorter handles can present a point of force which can push into the palm putting pressure on nerves and tendons, and reduce blood flow.

Preference for selecting either Tronex longer, ergonomic handle grips or shorter, standard handle grips varies from operator to operator. If the user has smaller hands, the standard handles may be more comfortable. If possible, the operator should test both options to decide which handle length feels best.

Handle Grips

Tronex hand tools come standard with unique double sheathed, ESD safe, cushioned grips. The inner sheath is a durable, ESD safe vinyl material which holds the leaf springs in place on the cutter handle. The outer sheath, also ESD safe, provides a no-slip, FOD free cushioned surface for the operator’s hand. The slight compressibility of the cushion aids to distribute the cutting pressure more effectively and provide additional comfort to the operator. Tronex cushion grips are typically considered to be more comfortable than many of the hard plastic grips often used by competitors.

The Safety Tip Protector

All Tronex cutters are supplied with a unique ESD safe plastic protector for the tip of the cutter. It prevents tool damage and operator injury.

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